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  • Águêda Del Borgo, Broker, Principal

    Phone: 401.345.4573 | Email Agueda
    Moving to New England from the Azores, at a young and impressionable age, sparked a lasting fascination with architecture, travel and connecting with people. Before settling in RI, marrying and having children, I traveled, lived and worked in various regions. My experience in management, sales, photography studio, carpentry and fine woodworking has served well in my real estate career since 2001. Working with Rhode Island and nearby Massachusetts residential and commercial clients in sales and leasing continues to be exciting and rewarding.

    Luca Del Borgo,  Sales Associate, Principal

    Phone: 401.345.4576 | Email Luca
    Born and raised in Rome Italy and while on a visit to the United States in 1994,  I met Águêda and as they say the rest is history. I am officially joining Places & Spaces Realty after a career spent in Sales and Marketing, most recently working in the nonprofit industry.  My experience has made me a solid relationship builder striving to make my clients’ goals a reality.  Fluent in English Italian and French,  I hope to create international opportunities for our growing business.
    It is very exciting to join the “Family Business” as a partner with my wife and son and look forward to this new chapter in my life.

    Giuliano Del Borgo, Broker Associate

    Giuliano Del BorgoPhone: 401.632.9035 | Email Giuliano
    I have graduated from the University of Rhode Island with a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Prior to joining Places & Spaces Realty, I was a part-time lifeguard and swim instructor at three community pools. Although medicine and aquatics are admittedly different focuses compared to real estate, all center on client care and attention to detail. Growing up, I was exposed first-hand to the real estate practice by being carted to open houses and showings. While exploring the state, I learned to appreciate the value of listening and accommodating clients, which is why I’d love to assist with your upcoming foray into residential property in anyway I can.

    Linda T. Dewing, Broker Associate

    Photo of Linda DewingPhone: 401.727.4700 | Email Linda
    I combine a life-long interest in architecture and fine art with the practical expertise of ten years in the real estate business. I have a niche focus in lofts, both as an owner and as someone who appreciates upcycling historic and well-built buildings into one-of-a-kind living and working spaces. With a close attention to your needs, a broad knowledge of the RI market and a diligent work ethic, I look forward to introducing you to your next new home or business space.

    Mark Pierpont, Sales Associate

    Phone: 401.829.7355 | Email Mark
    My passion for helping children and families as a Speech-Language Pathologist brought me to RI from New York over 16 years ago.  Shortly after arriving, I took my love of design to transform spaces into picture perfect homes. While being a Realtor differs from being a Speech-Language Pathologist, when I bring my strong work ethic and knowledge into helping others find their dream homes, it gives me the same feeling of happiness that I have brought into their lives. I believe that what matters in life, is making a positive difference in others’ lives and what a better way to do it than through meeting new people and helping them follow their dream.   

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